All It Takes Is PHP500 Per Meal To Feed Urban Poor Families Affected By The COVID-19 Quarantine

Apr 02, 2020

A group of Enderun Colleges alumni are paying it forward by partnering with restaurants and the Philippine Army Reserve to provide meals to communities at risk.

While many groups like Frontline Feeders and Salamat PH Healthcare Heroes have been tirelessly providing meals to the doctors and staff at hospitals in and around Metro Manila, feeding programs for communities affected by the crisis are only just getting started. The challenge here is that, with the enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila, a large part of the population cannot go to work, and for many of them, that means not getting the food they need to survive.

While feeding programs and community kitchens have started to pop up around the metropolis, one of the earliest groups to work with these communities at risk was COVID19 Food Drive PH which first put out a call to donate on March 18.