Shipping & Logistics

Toward Modernization and Market Integration

Chelsea’s growing shipping fleet and logistics reach fully complement the growth in various pillars of Udenna.

Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp. (Chelsea) continuously strives to serve more passengers, reach more destinations, and improve the flow of goods throughout the country.

Infrastructure Initiatives

Chelsea participated in bidding for the development of several infrastructure projects in the country, driven by our continuous desire to serve the Filipino people and contribute to the development of the Philippine economy. This includes Chelsea’s bid to operate and expand the Davao International Airport and Davao Sasa Port. Similarly, in November 2018, the Mislatel Consortium (comprised of Udenna Corporation, Chelsea Logistics and Holdings Corporation, and China Telecom) was awarded as the New Major Player (NMP) or third telco.

2019-2020 Outlook

In support of the Government’s objective to promote safety and protection of sea travelers and the marine environment, Chelsea shall continue with its programmed vessel modernization.

Seeing the vast opportunity in the logistics business, we have programmed 2019 to focus on exponentially increasing the asset and network base of Worklink, which we anticipate would yield a greater market share in the logistics industry.

Tanker Services and Use of Ports

Chelsea is the primary service provider of tanker services for Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc. (Phoenix) and has the option to operate in ports where Phoenix operates. The company is likewise the exclusive tugboat provider of all locators and port users at the Calaca Seaport in Calaca, Batangas. For its tankers, Chelsea enjoys priority berthing in all ports operated by its affiliates.

Providing Logistics Requirements

Chelsea, through Worklink Services Inc., also services the logistics requirements of FamilyMart, Inc. (Family Mart), an affiliate operating convenience stores, and PH Resorts Group Holdings Inc. (PH Resort), an affiliate in the hotel and gaming industry.