Petroleum & Retail

Paving the way to a better future

Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc. is the leading independent and fastest-growing oil company in the Philippines. Established in Davao City in 2002, it represents the petroleum group of UDENNA Corporation. From a humble oil company, Phoenix Petroleum has evolved into a dynamic and multi-industry company which offers high-quality fuels, lubricants, LPG, asphalt, car care and services, bills payment, and even a convenience store chain. It has also expanded its business beyond the country―in Singapore and Vietnam―to serve more communities.

Pulse-Racing Innovations

In 2018, we launched our upgraded fuels powered with Phoenix PULSE Technology. Available in all our fuels, Phoenix PULSE Technology is a fuel additive with advanced cleaning and protection properties for enhanced power and acceleration. It is made with cutting-edge fuel technology by world-class fuel experts, exclusively for homegrown brand, Phoenix Petroleum.

A Reliable Partner at Home and in Business

We ventured into LPG through Phoenix LPG Philippines, Inc. (previously known as Petronas Energy Philippines, Inc.). Our flagship product, Phoenix SUPER LPG, is a reliable, clean, and safe-burning fuel that's perfect for regular cooking in the kitchen, with varying uses in the commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. In 2019, we expanded our LPG operations to Vietnam with the acquisition of 75% of Origin LPG Vietnam LLC, which was later renamed Phoenix Gas Vietnam.

Our Foray Into FinTech

Phoenix Petroleum acquired, a digital payment platform which enables and facilitates financial transactions such as bills payment, money remittance, bank deposit, phone credit loading, e-pins and gaming pins, and other digital transactions in a convenient and portable manner. The acquisition officially allowed us to enter the microfinance industry and consequently supports the operations of our businesses.

Redefining Convenience

We expanded to convenience store retailing when Phoenix Petroleum completed the acquisition of Philippine FamilyMart CVS, Inc. (PFM), the third largest convenience store brand in the country. PFM is the local franchise of Japan’s FamilyMart, the second biggest convenience store chain in the world. We have opened over 75 stores across the country, offering fresh food, convenience store items, and other services to enrich Filipinos’ daily grind. The new PFM Generation 2 stores have larger kitchens, dining areas, new crew uniforms, and more expansive food offerings as major innovations.