Information & Communications Technology

A Digital Future with Purposeful Innovations

DITO CME Holdings Corp. (DITO CME) provides telecommunications, multimedia, and IT services that impact the way people communicate, transact, share information and consume content and data. Through our subsidiaries, we have a far-reaching influence to transform enterprises and the lives of customers and the general public.

Weaving together strong communities, with stronger connectivity

DITO Telecommunity was born out of a spirit of nation-building — our desire to serve the underserved and to provide Filipinos with a better option, a wiser choice. Our investments are anchored in our mission to enrich Filipino lives with excellent services and digital innovations. Our inroads as the newest telecommunications player in the Philippines sparked competition that have resulted in better overall services experienced by the Filipino.

Enabling the next wave of creative solutions

Acuity Global believes in the power of communications. Through our innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective media solutions, we connect people to people and empower brands.  We do this by harnessing the multitude of resources and synergies in the UDENNA ecosystem to enable and broaden media, advertising, and entertainment across digital, out-of-home (OOH), and multi-media broadcast touchpoints.

Empowering Filipinos with future-ready skills

LUNA Academy is a joint venture by DITO CME and Cloudswyft, steadfast in pursuing its mission to provide affordable and convenient learning, relevant skills training, and online certifications that are tailor-fitted for Filipinos seeking to grow and thrive in the digital economy. We go beyond being an ed-tech platform by aiming to link all successful learners to exciting employment and internship opportunities with the leading global and local corporations in the Philippines.

Driving the next wave of AI and analytics

Unalytics began with a vision to inspire, empower and transform Philippine enterprises into becoming data-driven organizations that thrive in the new digital economy. We are the first and only local data analytics services provider that has a keen focus on Conversational AI using natural language processing and machine learning, as well as augmented intelligence, which utilizes AI to support and complement human cognitive performance.