Udenna Foundation grows 600 trees in Calaca

Sep 20, 2022

The Udenna Foundation joined hands with Calaca Industrial Seaport Corporation, Chelsea Logistics, Malampaya Foundation, UC38 LLC, and the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) of the City of Calaca to plant 600 seedlings in Calaca Seaport to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

This tree planting effort is in line with the Udenna Foundation’s U Care, U Share initiative where the Foundation committed to planting trees equivalent to the number of donation boxes filled for victims of Typhoon Odette. A total of 150 large donation boxes were filled back in December 2021, leading to the promise of planting 150 trees. However, the businesses under the Udenna Group wanted to create a bigger and more positive impact on the planet, quadrupling the number of seedlings to be planted. With the incredible outpour of support for communities across the Group, a total of 600 assorted seedlings were planted.

“Caring for the environment starts with us. We are proud to have been able to plant a significant number of trees—more than triple our initial commitment—and we hope that this initiative helps improve the quality of life and air in Calaca, as well as aid in preserving the environment,” said Dennis Uy, Chairman and CEO of the Udenna Group.

“We recognize there is so much to do for nature as the climate crisis deepens. We hope to do more activities like this to help more communities and raise awareness on the importance of doing what we can for the environment,” said Udenna Foundation President Cherylyn C. Uy.

Let us take action and work hand-in-hand to protect our environment for future generations.


This story originally appeared on Malaya Business Insight.

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