Chelsea Logistics uncovers the #ChelSHE Story

Apr 04, 2022

From left: SuperCat Operations Supervisor Eda Villanueva, Trans-Asia Hotel Officer Rizzabel Auman, Worklink Services Warehouse Operations Assistant Manager Becky Laforteza, Chelsea Shipping Chief Officer Kim Fabellar, Starlite Ferries Third Officer Avelyn Parubrob, TASLI Services Operations Manager Marivic Del Mundo.

In celebration of the Women’s Month 2022 #BreaktheBias, Chelsea Logistics launched its women empowerment campaign in social media called “ChelSHE Story” to pay tribute and to encourage women in the shipping and logistics industry. 

This campaign is in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal of achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. According to UN, gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. In support of this, Chelsea Logistics is committed in (1) promoting gender equality in the workplace, and (2) empowering women at work.

The campaign featured six stories of women in the Chelsea Group across business segments:

Kim Fabellar, Chief Officer, Chelsea Shipping Corp. 

Avelyn Parubrob, Third Officer, Starlite Ferries, Inc.

Eda Villanueva, Operations Supervisor, The SuperCat Fast Ferry Corporation

Rizzabel Auman, Hotel Officer, Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, Incorporated

Marivic Del Mundo, Operations Manager, TASLI Services, Inc.

Becky Laforteza, Assistant Manager, Warehouse Operations, Worklink Services, Inc. 

These inspiring women shared the lessons and challenges they have encountered, how they overcome day-to-day hurdles, and their encouragement to other women in the industry.

According to the women interviewed for the campaign, the main challenge in joining the industry as a woman is proving oneself and breaking the misconception that women cannot handle shipping and logistics operations, or that women do not understand the ground works and culture at different work areas of the shipping and logistics industry as well as their male counterparts.  Despite the gender stereotypes, these women swam against the tide and proved that they are more than capable of doing the job and excelling in their chosen profession.

“I told myself, ‘it should start with me’. I have to believe in myself first before I can convince others to believe and trust me.” Villanueva said.

Instead of being discouraged, these women stood up with strong conviction and demolished gender stereotypes. They believed that as every profession has its own challenges, so does the shipping and logistics industry. For them, having a positive attitude and outlook in life make all things bearable and achievable. 

By becoming the best version of themselves, these women were able to thrive in their respective careers and use their challenging experiences to inspire other women to take courage as they pursue their dreams.

“Hard work eventually pays off. Nothing worth having comes easy, so do not stop until you reach your goal.” Del Mundo said.

Developing a strong mental fortitude is very important. As long as one possesses a “never back down” attitude, nothing is impossible. This is what these empowered women have in common. They did not give up in tough times, instead, they mustered all their confidence and fortitude to prove that they are more than what the society tells them.

 “You, as a woman, have a place in the demanding industry dominated by men. As long as you are disciplined, devoted, and determined to master the needed skills, you will succeed.” Laforteza said.

Women face not only the general challenges of hard work, rough seas and being away from family, but also inordinate amounts of discrimination and limited opportunities for career growth. 

At the Chelsea Group, women comprise 21% of the workforce. The Company values women by ensuring their full and effective participation and equal opportunities for promotion and leadership at all levels of decision-making in the workplace. This stems from knowing that women bring unique strengths and insights that are invaluable in creating and sustaining a thriving organization.

The #ChelSHE Campaign is a platform for the Chelsea Group to uncover more inspiring stories and address the issues and challenges women face in a male-dominated industry so a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world can be achieved. There is no limit to what women can accomplish. With persistence and diligence, women can make the impossible possible.

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