Siklab Atleta Foundation joins the nation in celebrating Hidilyn Diaz’s Olympic Gold

Jul 27, 2021

Siklab Atleta Pilipinas Sports Foundation, Inc. is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the private sector to help the country in our quest to win our first Olympic gold.

It was launched on March 3, 2018 with the sole goal of supporting athletes who have the best chance to win in the world’s most prestigious sporting event.

“Siklab Atleta Pilipinas Sports Foundation will fuel the Philippine’s best athletes to make the country’s dream of bagging an Olympic gold a reality,” said Siklab Atleta head Dennis Uy, who is also Phoenix Petroleum’s Chairman, and Presidential Adviser for Sports. “We need to provide our athletes the support befitting their stature as our country’s representative to the world.”

Today as Hidilyn Diaz brings home the very first gold medal the foundation commits to give her PhP5Million as incentive.  Uy says “ It was our vision when we organized the foundation to rally the private sector to help our athletes in their quest for the Olympic Gold, and now we have our first Gold Medal.  I wish Hidilyn the best and we shall continue to support our Filipino athletes so we can have more golds in the future.”. Siklab Atleta Pilipinas Sports Foundation executive director Raymond Zorrilla said the resources would be pooled through the foundation to provide athletes with training equipment and facilities, coaches services, exposure to international competitions, education, housing and livelihood programs.

In 2019, as the Philippine Sports Commission and our Olympians rallied support from the private sector for the Tokyo Olympics, Phoenix Petroleum and the Siklab Atleta Pilipinas Foundation Inc. that serves as the supporting ground of Filipino athletes training for international tournaments of Presidential Adviser for Sports and Phoenix Chairman Dennis A. Uy, answered this call for the Olympic bid of Hidilyn Diaz by way of a financial sponsorship grant given through the Philippine Sports Commission. 

“Nakakataba ng puso to see our flag being raised and our National Anthem being played and most especially with a Phoenix-athlete receiving the country’s first Olympics gold medal,” said Atty. Raymond Zorrilla, Phoenix Petroleum Senior Vice President.

Zorrilla also mentioned how he remembers the words of his Chairman Dennis Uy who once mentioned to him, “Though we are in this for business, and Phoenix has been blessed to have been able to go head-to-head against multinational oil companies in the country,” first and foremost Dennis Uy said, “We are Filipinos and we are duty-bound to help in whatever way we can to uplift the Filipinos to be able to stand on their own and succeed wherever they may be.”

“Congratulations to Hidilyn for her sacrifice and her efforts. Your Phoenix and Udenna family are proud of you as the entire Filipino nation celebrates your triumph,” he added.

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