LUNA Academy to collaborate with Microsoft in upskilling Filipinos

Apr 12, 2021

DITO CME and CloudSwyft’s LUNA Academy works with Microsoft to accelerate digital transformation

Taguig – DITO CME, the communications, media, and entertainment arm of the Udenna Group and CloudSwyft, one of the first Philippines-based global education technology businesses, announced it is working with Microsoft to push digital transformation through upskilling of Filipinos through online education platform LUNA Academy

LUNA Academy is a Philippines-focused platform, initially anchored on job-ready digital skills, that facilitates the timely upskilling of a generation of Filipinos by providing them world-class certifications, preparing them for exciting career opportunities that the new economy will provide in the years and decades ahead. 

Microsoft has been tapped as one of the primary technology skills content and certification partners of LUNA Academy, and will support the delivery of premium online technology skills training to Filipinos.

Donald Lim, Chief Operating Officer of DITO CME in a previous statement underscored the importance and value of digital upskilling, and up-schooling, “In the new and emerging economy, there is a strong need for us Filipinos to finally embrace the challenges and see these challenges as opportunities to expand on our competencies as a productive and forward-thinking workforce.”  

Andrés Ortola, country manager, Microsoft Philippines said, “Improving skills and increasing employability in the digital economy is a critical imperative of ours not just here in the Philippines but across the world. More importantly, we also believe it to be a human imperative—building resilience for Filipinos in schools and in the workforce so they can lead the country’s transformation towards a digital economy. We’re thankful to be part of this initiative and look forward to contributing to the timely re-skilling and up-skilling of millions of Filipinos.” 

It has been mentioned that one of the cornerstones of DITO CME is the desire to be a catalyst in leading Filipinos towards an exciting digital future. 

LUNA Academy, developed by DITO CME and CloudSwyft, provides an avenue for affordable and convenient learning, skills training and online certifications that are tailor fit for Filipinos who seek more opportunities to move further forward. The platform also aims to link all successful learners to exciting employment and internship opportunities with the leading global and local corporations in the Philippines.

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