DITO Telecommunity achieves tower construction targets for 2020

Oct 28, 2020

DITO Telecommunity Corporation ramps up hiring, exceeds tower targets, makes 5G technical calls in October to fast track 2021 launch

TAGUIG --- As part of the commitment of DITO Telecommunity Corporation, the third major player in the Filipino telco industry to launch commercially by March 2021, it has recently announced that from the 859 towers it has completed last September 2020, total towers constructed for the month of October is already 1,532.

Retired Major General Rodolfo Santiago, DITO Chief Technology Officer said, “We have completed more than 1,500 towers this October. To be exact, from 859 last September, we have increased the number of completed towers to 1,532. This number is on top of the number of towers being constructed by independent towers contractors. We are pleased to inform the Filipino public that we have more than enough already to cover 37% of the population as mandated in the CPCN.”

He reiterated that tower construction in spite of hitting the needed number for the year is still ongoing and has in fact accelerated the past few months.

In another disclosure, the DITO Chief Technology Officer said, “We have successfully made non-hybrid, pure, stand-alone 5G video and regular calls this month, to and within the National Capital Region, South Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao.”

“The current 5G being rolled out by others in the country is non stand alone. This means that they ride on the Core 4G network, an enhancement of 4G systems which offer a faster alternative to 4G on existing legacy systems; very different from the stand-alone 5G or pure 5G that DITO is rolling out.” said Santiago.

“This also means that stand alone 5G offers more capacity in terms of bandwidth and is more suitable for 5G applications, and our partner ChinaTel is the known global leader in stand-alone 5G technology and the world’s largest broadband internet network with a diversified customer base of 900 million users,” he stressed.

The third major telco also announced that construction of their signature stores has already begun nationwide a few months back. In fact, just a few days ago, the DITO signature store in Robinson’s Galleria South located in San Pedro, Laguna was visited by Retired Major General Rodolfo Santiago, DITO Chief Technology Officer. 

He said, “Our San Pedro, Laguna store is significant because aside from being one of our signature stores, Robinson’s Galleria South is our pilot in-building solutions project that allows us to amplify 4G and 5G signal within the mall.”

Atty. Adel Tamano, Chief Administrative Officer of DITO Telecommunity added, “Expectations are indeed high for the incoming telco player to bring innovative and cutting-edge mobile technologies to the country and in the past few months, we have observed that more and more Filipinos want to connect with DITO, so we opened a number of avenues for us to gather our community online.”

Filipinos can see the latest updates from DITO Telecommunity, as well as FAQs and Site Acquisition on the official website: and on the official Facebook-verified page

“We are proud to say that in the past few months we have more than doubled our workforce to 626 and have been hiring an average of 49 new employees monthly. For those interested to work for DITO, the Life at DITO’s Facebook page is available for job seekers out there especially in these difficult times,” added Tamano.

“We are excited to say that all these disclosures plus in just about 160 days, DITO Telecommunity will be ready to provide world-class connectivity that Filipinos truly deserve,” Tamano ended.



DITO Telecommunity Corporation, formerly known as Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company, Inc. (MISLATEL) is the third major telecommunications provider in the Philippines after it was awarded a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity by the National Telecommunications Commission in 2019.

DITO commits to provide world class, fast, affordable, and secure, telecommunications services that connect the Filipino people situated in more than 7,641 islands to the rest of the global community.

DITO is a Filipino company and is a consortium that includes Udenna Corporation, Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure, and China Telecommunications Corporation.

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