Conti’s Neighborhood Shopper: A Story of Hope and Goodness Amidst the Pandemic

Nov 20, 2020

Conti’s Neighborhood Shopper training to ensure safe and proper handling of products and delivery of delightful service.

Conti’s, dubbed as the famous home of the Mango Bravo and of other equally sumptuous dishes remained to be a household name despite the lockdown. In fact, the love for Conti’s heightened as reflected on the outpour of orders it has been receiving. With mobility being impaired due to COVID-19, only few people are allowed to be outside, paving the way for the emergence of “Pasabuy” services which enables one to purchase an item through a personal shopper called the “Pasabuyer”. The “Pasabuyer” physically buys the item/s and have it delivered right at the client’s doorstep.  To adapt to the new normal, Conti’s has partnered with them through its newest program, the Conti’s Neighborhood Shopper. 

Conti’s Neighborhood Shopper makes adapting to the new normal easier as they render reliable service.  In this difficult time, Conti’s stands out because of its high quality products and continues to stand out because it remains available and reachable through Conti’s Neighborhood Shopper. As official members of Conti’s, these Conti’s Neighborhood Shoppers get to learn how to work the Conti’s way. Training is provided to ensure safe and proper handling of Conti’s products, and for them to become efficient enablers of delightful celebrations at home. The program builds on the capacity of these neighborhood shoppers by providing them the opportunity to work, earn and turn their situation for the better. It is an incredible move that will definitely boost the morale of Conti’s Neighborhood Shoppers who are mostly displaced workers seeking ways to survive.  The roll-out of this program is Conti’s own way of minimizing the terrible effects of COVID-19 to the livelihood of Filipinos. 

“It is during these trying times when everyone is struggling to take it all in and make it through the day that we are highly called to be more determined in providing relief and nourishment by continuing to serve delicious products which have always been a source of goodness even before the pandemic. As we mark our 23rd year in the industry amidst the pandemic, we realize even more that we not only want to thrive, but to also have a significant impact in our community. The unexpected yet timely birth of Conti’s Neighborhood Shopper is a great addition to the positive impact that we wish to impart. These Conti’s Neighborhood Shoppers have become instrumental to the continued success of Conti’s even in the darkest of times, thus, they deserve to be recognized and to be helped,” expressed by Mr. Joey R. Garcia, Conti’s President & CEO.

The pandemic may have halted a number of things but not the celebration of occasions made more joyous by Conti’s delectable dishes. Through Conti’s Neighborhood Shoppers, the aim to reach more people to be able to take part in their celebrations and milestones becomes achievable even in the middle of the crisis. Here’s the link to get to know the Accredited Conti’s Neighborhood Shoppers and start bringing Conti’s to your home at your convenience: 

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About Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant

For more than 20 years, Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant continues to create, share memories of togetherness and serve delectable food that brings the familiar feelings of home through product innovation and service expansion.  Today, Conti’s has 27 branches in Metro Manila, 4 in South Luzon and 3 in Central Luzon, and is set to be nearer to everyone’s home soon. 

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