Chelsea Logistics launches Chelsea Travel

Aug 04, 2022

CHELSEA Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp., along with its three shipping passenger and cargo shipping subsidiaries — Starlite Ferries, SuperCat and Trans-Asia — announced it will be launching Chelsea Travel, a unified online booking system.

The system will provide passengers an easy, fast and stress-free booking experience, and enable passengers to buy and pay for their tickets offering them both safety and convenience as it eliminates the need to go to ticket outlets and available on a 24/7 basis.

Chelsea Group will officially launch the first phase of Chelsea Travel, which allows passengers to book by just scanning the QR code. They will be given access to the VIP lane at the ticket outlet so they can immediately pay without having to queue. The second phase will enable passengers to book and pay online through any debit or credit card or digital wallets.

Efren Bernardino Jr., head of Chelsea Logistics Information Technology, stressed that an online booking and payment system has become a necessity due to exigencies of the pandemic and the innovation afforded by technology to its passengers.

"Streamlining the booking process of our three shipping lines is challenging yet fulfilling. We recognize that the needs of passengers are dynamic and so is digital technology," Bernardino said. "We leveraged the power of technology and the determination of our internal IT team to see this innovation come to fruition. This will surely bring greater operational efficiency and improved passenger travel experience."

Chelsea Logistics President and Chief Executive Officer Chryss Alfonsus Damuy is also enthusiastic about the system and the convenience it will provide to their passengers.

"As we witness the recovery in the passage business, we are glad to welcome our valued passengers with a user-friendly and unified online booking system. We continue to be committed to our vision of providing unrivalled customer service in the best possible way we can. We are launching not only an online booking system but also a streamlined way of running the passage business," Damuy said.

"Exceptional customer service will always be our top priority as it brings us a great sense of pride and fulfillment to see satisfied passengers," he added.


This story originally appeared on The Manila Times.

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