Udenna Infra bags USD 200 million project

Oct 07, 2020

DITO Telecommunity tower

TAGUIG –DITO Telecommunity has tapped synergies present within the Udenna Group together with three other major infrastructure partners and a number of independent tower contractors to fast track construction of critical infrastructure to meet the March 2021 commercial launch commitment. 

In a recent disclosure, Jomel Fuentes, Chief Operating Officer of Udenna Infrastructure Corporation (UIC) has announced that UIC recently signed a 10-B Peso deal for the construction of DITO towers and in the roll-out of fiber optic cables.  

According to the UIC COO, “In need of local expertise and grassroots infrastructure experience, DITO Telecommunity Corporation engaged UIC to assist in the rollout of cellular tower and fiber optic cables.”

UIC and FutureNet and Technology Corporation, the general contractor of the third telco, recently signed a Master Service Agreement (MSA) that outlines the scope of work, the matrix of responsibilities, work processes among other details for the construction of almost 1,500 towers and the laying of more than 1,400 kilometers of fiber optic cabling for a period of two years.

“Since 2017, UIC has been hard at work, as we believe there is no more worthwhile investment than the country itself, generating jobs for Filipinos and delivering a higher quality of life to all”. 
added Fuentes.

“The agreement with FutureNet and DITO is a milestone for UIC as we come together to ensure that we maximize and build on our strengths as individual companies and as a Group, all for the success of the March 2021 launch of DITO Telecommunity,” ended the UIC COO.


Udenna Infrastructure Corporation (UIC) is the Udenna Group’s development and infrastructure arm. Incorporated in 2017, it has managed to bag the coveted “Original Proponent Status” for six (6) projects: Davao International Airport, Davao Sasa Port Modernization, Davao Monorail, Cebu Monorail, Busuanga Airport and Bacolod Airport projects.

For almost two decades, Udenna has been hard at work to be the indispensable partner in nation-building, driven by the Filipino passion to improve and succeed.

Udenna’s business includes distribution and retail of finished petroleum products, as well as shipping and logistics. Udenna has, in the past few years expanded and diversified its portfolio to include property development, education, food, gaming and tourism, infrastructure, and telecommunications.

Udenna employs over 9,000 personnel and is expected to create thousands more jobs for Filipinos over the coming years.

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