FamilyMart strengthens support for SMEs

Aug 12, 2020

Baked by Machew’s Premium Kani Sushi Bake

The COVID-19 pandemic has rendered almost all businesses vulnerable, with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) particularly hit the hardest across all sectors in the country. Many companies were forced to stop operations upfront, while some have declared bankruptcy after months of not being able to generate income and stay operational. 

The Department of Trade and Industry reports that there are around one million entities that comprise the SME industry, accounting for 60% of the total revenue of Philippine businesses and responsible for more than 2.5 million jobs in the country. These companies continue to grapple with the public health crisis of COVID-19 alongside the country’s struggle to jumpstart and sustain the economy.

To help alleviate the impact of the pandemic to SMEs, convenience lifestyle retail chain FamilyMart has opened its doors and lent its store shelves to entrepreneurs to bring in and feature their products under the #WeSupportSME campaign. It seeks to bridge consumers back to these SMEs by connecting them through FamilyMart’s extensive and established retail network, while at the same time widening the store’s offerings. 

"We want to help the local economy by promoting SMEs while also being of service to our customers. We consider suppliers and vendors as part of our ‘family’ as well—true to the spirit of our tagline #WeGotchuFam," said Bernie Suiza, General Manager of FamilyMart Philippines.

One of FamilyMart’s bestselling products that suffered a setback during the initial enhanced community quarantine was their cookies, whose original supplier had to halt production. However, FamilyMart learned of insistent demand from customers for the baked treats, so management devised ways to bring the item back in their stores.