Family Mart Launches 'Fam on Wheels,' Delivery Service

Apr 27, 2020

The convenience store dispatches 2 rolling stores to serve customers in parts of Metro Manila

MANILA, Philippines – Convenience store Family Mart launched on April 22 its "Fam on Wheels," a rolling store that sells essentials and Family Marts goods.

Two mobile stores have been dispatched and will be visiting selected areas in Metro Manila between 8 am to 5pm. The store will be parked at a Phoenix Petroleum station.

The "Fam on Wheels" offers contactless payment options. A tent will be set up with a menu of available goods from the store.

Aside from "Fam on Wheels," Family Mart announced that customers can order via Facebook messenger their favorite Family Mart food, which will then be delivered through Grab or LalaMove. The food includes bento meals, chicken liempo, crispy pata, and Family Mart ramen.